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CASA Magazine

1st Thursday – “Pure Passion” Three Women – One Passion – Sept 5th from 5 to 8pm

An Exhibition with Margaret Singer, Malka, Patricia Post

Art as a Way of Life
“Pure Passion” presents three women who personify a zest for art as their vehicle and as a way of living life.

Working within a range of mediums, from painting to sculpture, each of these women explore the human psyche in a broad spectrum as an undercurrent in their imagery. Images range from unbounded joy and optimism to uncompromising depictions of the most vulnerable moments of life.

These three artists share a commitment toward a creative process,  producing art that is challenging, but which is also rewarding in reveling the range of their emotional journey. Exhibition is curated by Tom Post. Music by Harold Kono. Light refreshments. Also: a book signing by LeeAnne Del Rio, author of “The Loving Divorce” and a poetry wall curated by Carol DeCanio.